The First Decentralized Brokerage Firm

Our digital asset platform brings the service offerings of traditional brokerage houses and wealth management firms to the decentralized world of digital assets.

The Rhythm platform supports a network of traders and investors. Rhythm is designed to appeal to those who want to actively manage their portfolio and those who want to have their cryptocurrencies managed by a professional in a diversified fund.

For Passive Investors

Transparency is currently lacking in regular asset management firms. The Ethereum blockchain allows the Rhythm platforms process to be transparent for the users.

For Active Traders

Our Bring Your Own Wallet (BYOW) feature gives you 24/7 access to your assets . This level of liquidity is not available with traditional brokerage services.

For Everyone

Decentralization and digitization of assets allows Rhythm to leverage programmatic interactions instead of the cumbersome process of managing approvals and missed opportunities in traditional investing and trading.

Read our whitepaper to learn more.Complexity, simplified.

All the tools you need, in one place.

Innovation is happening at a rate that prevents most investors from keeping up. As a result, they are unable to take advantage of the growing and ever-changing space of blockchain technology.

The ability to buy and sell with relative ease allows you to capitalize on the rhythm of the market.

Working with the decentralized paradigm instead of against it, Rhythm enables users to hold assets in their own wallets. Here is how it works:


step 1

First authorize your wallet. Users own their wallets and through audited smart contracts have the ability to authorize the transfer of funds in and out. At any time the user can revoke this approval.


step 2

Once your wallet is authorized, you will receive trade alerts directly through your medium of choice with an option to participate. BlockEdge Capital professionals hand select opportunities in the crypto asset markets.


step 3

Through our audited and transparent smart contracts, your tokens are deposited directly back into your personal wallet. This offers the benefit of keeping control of your keys versus traditional centralized custodial asset storage.

Fragmented Tools

As more people want investment and trading exposure to the cryptocurrency markets, it’s not just Bitcoin that draws interest. New projects are gaining popularity in the alternative coin category. However, it is the fragmented digital asset exchange landscape that poses a barrier.

Complete Solution

The Rhythm platform offers users a single destination for trading multiple digital assets. Together with software-driven services like single-click brokered transactions, a suite of both passively managed and actively managed funds will be launched by BlockEdge and offered through the Rhythm platform.

Rhythm Roadmap


    It is the people, not just the technology that are critical to accomplishing a project's objective. The Rhythm project has brought together a diverse and seasoned team of blockchain and asset management professionals.

    • Jason Jenkins
      Founder and CEO
    • Ritas Ziupsnys
      Founder and COO
    • Alec Ziupsnys
      Chief Innovation Officer
    • Chinmay Patel
      Technology Officer
    • Noah Marconi
      Senior Blockchain Developer
    • Emma Todd
      Marketing Officer
    • Manie Eagar
      Founder and CEO Digital Futures. Internationally recognized thought leader in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies
    • Marc Lijour
      Consensys business development and enterprise delivery. Co-founder and Open Source Software SME at ColliderX
    • Michael Gord
      Founder & CEO at MLG Blockchain Consulting
    • David Burt
      10 years working for some of Canada's largest and most prestigious independent securities broker-dealer firms
    • Michael Nell
      Senior Accounting and Financial Management Executive with 15 years' experience
    • Mark Rozmarynoski
      Senior Project Manager for over 20 years in the construction industry
    • John Feustel
      Entrepreneur and product expert with over a decade of experience in the start-up world
    • Philip Fornaro
      Managing attorney at Fornaro Law. Philip has become known for his ability to succeed where others fail for the last 20 years.
    • BlockX Labs
    • Fornaro Law